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How does Majestic advertising work?

This is as easy as a slot machine, and has flexible settings!

Majestic is a safelist that sends your email ads out using this server. If you choose to, you also receive the emails. You can set it on how many emails to send to you daily, or just use the onsite email inbox to receive none.

With each click, you'll get sending credits for Majestic & you get gems for your gem box.

There are six different GEM colors representing 6 different sites.
You just send the gems to the other advertising sites = Free Advertising!
And Yes, you can also send them to your signups as a thank-you or incentive.

Sites involved are...

  • CherryTraffic

  • Pangea #1

  • TopDogsRotator

  • #1TAE

  • 50ADayGetsYouPaid

  • Majestic List